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Welcome to Birmingham`s Marriage Introduction Service.

Developed to help family and friends find a solution to a complex and often daunting task of finding suitable marriage partners. We want to help you search for a partner easily and efficiently, meeting people you want to meet, anonymously and filter out the rest without any awkwardness. Consider this a modern approach to the old times when a trusted member of the community would be notified of sons and daughters looking for marriages and would then relay this information across to the wider families. Our community network simplifies the search process and acts as the bridge between individuals looking for marriage.

By registering your details with our bureau you instantly become noticed by others seeking marriage. It is the safest and most reliable method available online allowing people to view basic profiles and request further details through BCMMB acting as the intermediary.

Once registered you can search our database and view other registered members profiles easily by age, gender, religious practice or profession. You can then shortlist the people you are interested in and would like to pursue further. No communication takes place between individuals other than a formal request for further information if interested.

The admin team are there to ensure the process is working as expected and will deal with any problems encountered while using the site.

Your information is kept strictly private and confidential within this networking process. This is a local charity not for profit business and set up solely to support local families and the community to find a way forward in modern times.